24 Bunui 1 Romance

Ch.111 September 23, 2022
Ch.109 September 23, 2022

Release That Witch

Ch.431 September 26, 2022
Ch.430 September 22, 2022

Tomb Raider King

Ch.355 September 7, 2022
Ch.354 September 7, 2022

Kaiju No. 8

Ch.070 September 16, 2022
Ch.069 September 2, 2022

Kengan Omega

Ch.176 September 22, 2022
Ch.175 September 15, 2022

Versatile Mage

Ch.929 September 24, 2022
Ch.928 September 23, 2022

Duke Pendragon

Ch.053.5 September 22, 2022
Ch.053 September 15, 2022

Above All Gods

Vol.00 Ch.075.5 00 September 20, 2022
Vol.00 Ch.075 00 September 20, 2022
Vol.00 Ch.074.5 00 September 20, 2022

Chainsaw Man

Ch.104 September 15, 2022
Ch.103 August 31, 2022
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