Chainsaw Man Review

Benji’s father passed away, leaving him with a big debt and no way to pay it off. Denji, however, manages to make ends meet while working for the Yakuza as a Devil Hunter with the aid of a devil dog he saved named Pochita. 

When the mob betrays him and a devil kills him, Pochita gives his life to restore his former master, Denji. Denji has now been reincarnated as a bizarre Devil-Human hybrid. He’s now known as Chainsaw Man! And you can read Chainsaw Man online. 

Main Characters


A teenage lad named Denji has blond, unruly hair. He has hazel eyes with bags under them, giving him a sleepy and disoriented appearance. His teeth are angular and razor-sharp. He was malnourished as a child, which accounts for his slender build and pronounced ribs.

Denji was born without his eye socket and many other non-essential organs, along with a kidney and a testicle.

Denji wears an eyepatch to conceal the lost eye. During this time, he also sports a loose-fitting white tank top, a green jacket, and black slacks.

Denji’s heart is united with Pochita’s after the two sign a contract, a chainsaw cord appears in the center of his chest, and he regains his lost organs. His primary attire these days is the Public Safety Devil Hunter outfit, which consists of a white shirt, a tie, and pants. He casually dons the uniform, his shirt is disheveled, and his sleeves are pulled up. Denji put on a set of false spectacles for Operation: Super-Smart.

Denji lacks the formal education and social skills due to his extreme poverty, which makes him rude and ignorant. He comes off as unpleasant and aggressive in an almost juvenile way. Despite his flaws, he exhibits a strong sense of empathy for other people and is eager to help those who are in trouble. This demonstrates his good nature and kindness.

Denji may not be the brightest person, but he can come up with inventive ways to defeat demons, like setting himself on fire and killing Santa Claus with the light that was released.

It becomes more and more clear as the plot develops that Denji has emotional scarring and is longing to experience love and be cherished by someone. He uses Makima as a coping strategy, even telling her that he wishes he could simply be a stupid dog so he wouldn’t have to deal with the pain of losing the things and people he cared about. 

This failed because it was all it took for him to entirely give himself to Makima and erase his personality and mental state after witnessing Power’s death. When Denji informs Kishibe that he didn’t set out to kill Makima but rather became one with her so that he might overcome her, it is still clear that he did not intend to do so.


After vanishing after his fight with the Headless Horseman and Weapon Devils, Pochita is brought to a “located close state”. In this form, he looks like a little orange canine devil with a chainsaw-like claw sticking out of the middle of his forehead. 

Pochita’s torso has handles that allow him to be held like a chainsaw, and the curve of his short tail resembles the drawcord on a chainsaw.

Similar to Denji’s hybrid form, his real devil form is a big, humanoid demon with four arms that each have a chainsaw sticking out of them and a third chainsaw emerging from in front of his head. His neck appears wrapped in an artery that is still attached to his stomach, looking like a scarf or collar.

In his actual demon form, Pochita displays a more unpredictable nature, as evidenced by the speed with which he dispatches anybody who showed even the slightest antagonism against him in the burger shop. 

He implies that his murderous rampage at the burger joint was unintentional because he was unable to properly control his strength among other people when he later tells Denji that he always dreamed of being hugged but that his power made that difficult.

He also appears to respond to both human and demonic cries for assistance, as demonstrated by the fact that he helped Kobeni and Makima escape dangerous circumstances, though the latter received a harsh beating following his rescue.


High-ranking Public Safety Devil Hunter Makima (pronounced Makima) adopted Denji as her companion. She is later identified as the Controlling Devil (Shihai no Akuma? ), a representation of the dread of dominance or conquest. She acts as the Public Security Saga’s primary enemy overall.

Makima’s favorite, the “Hero of Hell,” is a huge favorite of Makima’s. Her declared objective is to take command of Chainsaw Man so that she may use its talents to build a perfect world without fear, death, and “bad” movies.

She is intrigued by its capacity to eradicate the corporeal concept of a demon by swallowing it. Failure is also acceptable because it would mean being eaten, which is an honor in her eyes.

Makima has demonstrated the ability to exert authority over any person she deems to be beneath her, even coercing them into striking deals with her or another devil. It appears that the victim loses their memory after being under her spell. This power is effective on hybrids, devils, animals, friends, and humans alike. 

She can summon her enemies through a cord that is attached to her body, channeling their power. She has demonstrated the capacity to make use of the powers of the Angel Devil, Future Devil, Snake Devil, Punishment Devil, and Zombie Devil. This method can be used to manipulate even dead people.

Makima has demonstrated the ability to manage a huge number of rats, allowing her to move about utilizing them. Makima is then quickly transferred to that spot thanks to the ability of these rats to group into the shape of a human.


Power resembles a young woman with white highlights that fall to the middle of her back. She is a devil, with light red horns sticking out of her head, cross-shaped red and yellow eyes, and sharp teeth with distinct fangs. 

Power typically dresses in the required pants, formal shirt, and tie for Public Security Demonstration Hunter. She typically uses breast pads to enlarge her bust. She frequently wears her jacket half-off, giving her an unkempt, under-dressed image.

In her Blood Devil form, she appears as a tall humanoid with four arms and a mostly white body. Her head has a pointed appearance with a dark color, sharp teeth, and two circular eyes with cross-like pupils; she has long ears in this form and long hair. Her chest has an open rib cage, showing a chest cavity full of intestines up to her neck. Her arms have dark pigmentation from hand to elbow. She has three-fingered hands and large claws. Her legs have the same dark coloration from the mid-thigh down, ending in heel-like feet.

Power is immature, rapacious, and nearly wholly self-serving. She frequently engages in combat, believing she has something to gain and is assured of winning, and she has no issue breaking off a battle if she is outmatched. 

Due to her status as a friend, she also feels the need to brag about how much better off she is than the other Devil Hunters. She freely acknowledges that she has no devotion to humanity and would stand with the victor. 

Power frequently behaves rudely, is messy, and thinks that those around her should pick up after her. She readily admits that she rarely takes a shower or uses the restroom and believes that people are unduly sensitive if they care so much about their cleanliness.

When Aki inquired about the possible reward for their task, Power responded that she desired to suck a being’s blood before they died. Power grew excited at the idea of receiving Denji’s blood as promised. 

Power, who is incredibly self-centered, was finally able to feel empathy for her pet after previously just thinking about the taste and smell of blood and the sensation of death while she was murdering something. When her pet Meowy was abducted, she felt moved to take action on behalf of another being as a result.

Aka Hayakawa

Aki gives off the impression of being a very stoic person. When he is around his fellow Devil hunters, he presents himself as reliable and mature, but when they are apart, he is quite sensitive. He tends to become attached to people easily and despises seeing them suffer, especially his close pals.

Himeno refers to him as a “normal person,” in contrast to many of his colleagues, because he still laments the deaths of loved ones and hasn’t grown cynical enough to shut down his emotions. Despite this, he is adamant, and his desire for vengeance for his family is what drives him to murder the Gun Devil. But despite that, he is completely prepared to risk his life to help others.

When Aki was a child, the Gun Demon destroyed his house completely, killing his brother and both of his parents. Fortunately, Aki was a decent distance away from the building and survived. 

Aka Hayakawa joined the Public Security Devil Hunters to seek retribution against the Gun Devil after seeing the murder of his family in front of him instilled him with a profound loathing for the Gun Devil and all devils in general.

Our Perception 

The best thing about this manga was that we could read the Chainsaw Man manga in English. If I sum up all the literary devices in one line, then I will select the last lines, Devils don’t die; rather, they’re killed and constantly reincarnated, alternating between lives in Hell and lives on Earth. The best advantage for you is that you can read chainsaw man online.