Kaiju No. 8 Review


Kaiju No. 8 (Japanese: 8, Hepburn: Kaij 8-gou), commonly referred to as Monster #8, was created by Naoya Matsumoto. Since July 2020, it has been freely serialized on the Shnen Jump+ website and app by place on this list. For its release in North America in English, Viz Media has obtained a.

Kaijuu, or grotesque, Godzilla-like beasts, have been spotted in Japan for so many years. An elite military group known as the Defence Division risks their lives every day to defend civilians by battling these animals. The Professional Kaijuu Cleaner Corporation employs “sweepers” to remove the dead bodies of creatures after they have been killed.

The 32-year-old man, Kafka Hibino, is dissatisfied with his employment as a sweeper. He had wanted to join the Defense Corps and work as a kaiju killer since he was a young boy. But after a few fruitless attempts, he decided to give up on his aspirations and accept the mediocrity that earned him a respectable salary. But when Leno Ichikawa, an enthusiastic 18-year-old recruit, joins his maintenance crew, Kafka is reminded of his desire to enlist once more.

Defense Force

Many Defense Force characters contribute to Kaiju’s’s appeal and purpose, but we’ll focus on a few of them here to make the most of the part concise so that you can better understand all the vents of Kaiju-8. Some significant characters are as follows:  

Kafka Hibino

The main protagonist of the Kaiju No. 8 manga series is Kaiju No. 8, commonly known as Kaiju No. 8. 

He is a Defense Force officer and a former employee of Monster Sweeper Inc., a professional kaiju cleaning company.

He gained the ability to transform into a humanoid kaiju after a kaiju was able to infiltrate his body. He was just promoted to the First Division after previously playing in the Third Division.

Kafka Hibino has a towering build and dark brown hair that is spiked. He has tiny eyebrows, big eyes with small irises, and a light beard on his chin. Except for his slightly chubby belly, he has a quite powerful frame. He typically wears a smile on his face. 

Kafka formerly often wore the Monster Sweeper Inc. uniform, which consists of a grey coverall with a red Monster Sweeper insignia on the right side of the breast.

The majority of Kafka’s Kaiju Form is coated in coal-black scales and panels, with cyan energy occasionally shining through the fissures (most notably when he is charging a powerful attack). The contrasting white color of his skull, spine, and clavicles, on the other hand, suggests that these characteristics are comprised of exposed bone. Between his shoulders, the back of his head, and neck are covered in broad plates with dorsal spines, the top plate being white. His skull-like head has been referred to as having two briefs, thick horns, a hole for a nose; and pointed exposed teeth. His eyes have a cyan iris and a black sclera. Multiple cracks appear to be coming from them, and on the left eye, significant portions of the “mask” are missing.

Some characteristics of the Kaiju Form grow more prominent when out of control. For instance, increased size in comparison to humans, elongated horns, more prominent dorsal plates, an extended opening for the mouth, and completely cyan eyes. 

Although Kafka is a determined and committed person in serious situations, bringing him to try his best to do everything to succeed, whether individually[1] or for the benefit of the group, he has a comically childish personality in most situations, making him an easy target for teasing by other characters. Long before he joined the Defense Force, Hibino was also a nice and compassionate individual who went above and beyond to assist and care for others, whether or not they wanted it. Some instances of this conduct include when Kafka suggests fixes for problems, saves individuals from serious peril and occasionally chastises them for not taking better care of themselves.

Hibino makes every effort to avoid betraying or upsetting individuals who have confidence in him for these reasons. He becomes anxious and uncertain of what he will be able to do in the future because he must cut that connection in times of necessity.

Thus, when Kafka loses control of his altered body, the agony of witnessing himself turn into the creature he has despised since boyhood leads to his taking dramatic measures to put a stop to the predicament.

Later, he is unable to employ the Kaiju Form because of his fear of losing control and harming those he loves, until his buddy Kikoru Shinomiya convinces him to have faith in his allies and the Defense.

Later, Kafka developed this skill to a greater extent, which now enables him to alter particular areas of his body without undergoing a total transformation; in contrast, this enables him to maintain a fully human appearance if he so chooses. Sadly, Kafka’s kaiju nature still exists, making it almost impossible for him to extract more than 1% of the released power from the Defense Force fighting suit he is wearing. One of the most potent kaiju ever to exist, also known as a Daikaiju, Kafka’s kaiju form possesses a fortitude level, the greatest fortitude level observed thus far in the whole series. 

Leno Ichikawa

The deuteragonist of the Kaiju No. 8 series is Leno Ichikawa (also known as Ichikawa Reno). He met and became friends with Kafka Hibino while working for Monster Sweeper Inc. After discovering Kafka’s secret, Leno assisted him in joining the Defense Force and assisted himself.

He was a member of the Third Division before being moved to the Fourth Division following the fall of Tachikawa Base. Leno is a tall, lean young man with silver hair that is cut short and large violet eyes. He normally has a neutral, unperturbed expression on his face, but when he is with Kafka, this usually turns into irritation or amazement.

When Leno was on the battlefield earlier in the series, he wore the customary Defense Force combat outfit. As the Numbers Weapon is built from the remains of Kaiju No. 6, Leno’s new fighting suit differs from the standard combat suits worn by ordinary Defense Force troops. The Izumo Tech emblem is located on the left side of the chest plate, and it is a dark-blue suit with pipes and pistons on the back and shoulders.

Leno is a composed individual. Although he at first berates Kafka for giving up on his desire, he later reveals a softer and more compassionate side towards his friend and his circumstances and objectives. As their relationship deepens, Leno starts to defend Kafka as well as any of his other soldiers. He completely disregards Iharu Furuhashi’s unfair rivalry with him and yet puts his safety first since he is determined to battle to save his friends.

Leno’s combat skills and talents have been significantly enhanced after becoming compatible with Numbers Weapons, the Defense Force’s most potent and dangerous weapon manufactured from the carcass of Kaiju No., allowing him to move much more quickly and defeat a pack of kaiju on his own. Leno’s suit appears to have a bad effect on his behavior, causing him to fight irrationally in trying to beat his opponent, even though it greatly exaggerates his fighting prowess. Leno can pull a lot of power from his suit thanks to his strong sense of responsibility, but to defeat his foe, he pushes the limits of his human body, shredding muscles and breaking bones.

Mina Oshiro

Mina is a stunning young lady with long, dark hair that has been pulled back into a ponytail and accessorized with a barrette, bright orange eyes, and a fit body. She has a small scar on the left side of her upper chest that is hidden by her outfit. She had a bob cut a while back.

Mina typically sports the Defense Force uniform and a white visor to improve her vision. She typically uses weapons and her cannon during combat. Mina is an intelligent, driven woman who takes her job and responsibilities in the Defense Force very seriously. She is so committed to kaiju fighting because she keeps the pledge she made to defeat every monster years ago. While her professional demeanor, she recalls Kafka’s pledge to be by her side and appears to have affection for him despite initially finding him annoying for breaking his vow.

Under her stern fa├žade, Mina reveals her true self as a kind person. She tries her hardest to keep them safe and makes sure no one is hurt during a conflict. She has also demonstrated a strong sense of gratitude, thanking others for their assistance whenever it has been offered or requested.

The Defense Force’s Third Division’s Captain and the most potent warrior is Mina. She has demonstrated the ability to quickly defeat giant-sized kaiju with a few shots and has neutralized hundreds of kaiju over her career.

As seen by the ease with which she dispatched a big kaiju with her long-range cannon, Mina is a master marksman. Mina’s accuracy enables her to precisely attack particular areas of a kaiju’s body while she is stabilized by her tiger, Bakko.

Mina’s marksmanship prowess places her first in the long-range shooting division in the Defense Force Neutralization Exercises, even outperforming the captain’s level of proficiency.

Kikoru Shinomiya

The tritagonist of the Kaiju No. 8 series is Kikoru Shinomiya (, Shinomiya Kikoru). She is a soldier in the Third Division and the young daughter of Defense Force Director General Isao Shinomiya.

Kikoru is a small young woman with long blonde hair that is done in two-side ponytails and accented with two black bows. She has large green eyes. She has an athletic but very slender body and is fairly short. She resembles her mother, Hikari Shinomiya, a lot, both in terms of features and haircut.

Hickory is equipped with her standard weapons and wears the Defense Force’s customary combat gear while on duty. She wears a long grey dress like her everyday clothing.

Kikoru’s hair was slightly shorter when she was younger, and she wore it in the same way as she does now. Kiku comes across as a conceited and haughty girl who can look down on others and degrade them without incident. Kikoru is also a very tenacious and driven individual. Whenever she can or has the chance, she works hard to constantly better herself, grow bigger, and become more valuable.

Kiku, who was deeply affected by the death of her mother while performing her duties, cares deeply about her teammates and goes out of her way to prevent casualties or injuries whenever she is on the battlefield. She is a devoted individual who thanks Kafka Hibino for saving her and protecting his identity.

She tends to be less confident in her talents and more focused on succeeding when she recalls her dad’s statements and expectations. Although she exudes confidence in her skills and appears fearless, Kikoru is actually under constant pressure to live up to his father’s standards and be “perfect.” As a result, she gets frustrated and disappointed in herself when she feels that she is falling behind or that she is unable to complete her missions perfectly. On the other side, she feels happy and content to know that she is useful when she stands out more than her teammates.

Kikoru showed incredible proficiency in the Squadron-Style Axe Technique after obtaining a war ax from the Defense Force, reflecting her aggressive and arrogant demeanor. She employs this fighting technique for close-quarters combat, and while it severely depletes her stamina and energy, she is skilled enough to damage Kaiju and easily beat durable kaiju.

Soichiro Hoshina

Hoshina Soshiro Soshiro is a young man of ordinary height, a strong body, and short, dark violet hair styled in a bob. The majority of the time, his red eyes are closed, and he always has a cheerful look on his face, except at times when critical situations required him to show an imposing demeanor with his eyes open. Soichiro dons the standard Defense Force uniform while on duty. His fighting gear is representative of the Defense Force as a whole.

Soichiro is a laid-back person who smiles all the time. He appears to think Kafka Hibino is funny and enjoys poking fun at him. He does, however, occasionally speak sternly and even open his eyes to indicate how serious he is being. Soichiro feels strong, though unspoken, feeling of loyalty to the Defense Force, and he is grateful to Mina for accepting him into her division. He is so deeply devoted to his place in the force that he considers it to be his only reason for existing. 

Soichiro appears unhurried and sluggish, although he is incredibly perceptive and intelligent. He was the only one who accurately identified Kaiju as Kafka Hibino. Soichiro is a formidable combatant and the vice-captain of the Defense Force’s Third Division. He could compete in combat, thanks to his fighting skills. 

In the Miniature-Sized Kaiju Combat Category of the Defense Force Neutralization Exercises, Soshiro outperformed Captain of the First Division Gen Narumi even though his skill set puts him at a disadvantage versus large-sized kaiju.

Our Opinion:

The writer covered a great piece of literature. The way of giving the roles and regulations to the characters is just an amazing way forward. How can we forget the portrayal? It shows how much he had a command of it and characterized their artwork in the words.

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